Of course! Many of our clients are located outside of the Midwest. We have had the privilege of working with clients from Monterey, California to Buffalo, New York! Some items are trickier to ship, such as large signage, but for the most part we can make it work!

02. will you source my paper / envelopes / materials?

One of the BEST parts about calligraphy is you can write on just about anything! We specialize in non-traditional surfaces like marble tiles, agate stones, leaves, rocks, etc. We have worked with nearly all mediums and materials and love trying new things with our ultra-creative clients!

We always source paper and envelopes for stationery projects. For calligraphy projects, we typically ask you to provide us with blank materials to write on. This gives you a chance to ensure that you are getting the exact materials you want. We are of course happy to point you in the right direction should you need recommendations.

03. How long will it take to complete my order?

Every project is unique with respect to quantities and specifications. Typical turnaround time for an average calligraphy order is 2-3 weeks. Turnaround time for custom stationery design is 2 months.

Please contact us to discuss your project and we can establish a specific timeline that will work for your event schedule. Rush projects may incur an additional fee. 

04. how much does custom calligraphy cost?

The typical Plume & Proper couple spends $350-$1,000 on custom wedding calligraphy. Envelopes begin at $3.00/envelope, and place cards begin at $2.00/card (lettering only). Please complete our wedding inquiry form on our connect page for a custom proposal.

05. how much does custom stationery cost?

Stationery pricing varies significantly based on design, number of pieces, printing method, etc. The typical Plume & Proper couple spends $2,000 on 100, 3-piece custom wedding invitation suites in digital printing. Please complete our wedding inquiry form on our connect page for a custom proposal.